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These are the 10 Deadliest Fish In The World, Some Are Electrified

Most famous animals are dangerous on land such as lions, crocodiles and snakes. Not many people think that the oceans also save predators, namely dangerous fish.

These fish once bite can make their victims die. You definitely don’t believe it?

1. Wels Catfish or Predatory Catfish

Wels Catfish is a large predatory catfish that lives in Eastern, South and Central Europe. Their habitat is right in the basin of the Baltic, Caspian and Black Seas. This fish is an aggressive predator and does not hesitate to kill prey. Their food in general are fish, frogs and water birds. Although its habitat is far from humans, it can be imagined what if the deadly teeth pounced on the human body.

2. Electric Stingrays

This fish is flattened with wide fins. Organs containing dangerous electricity are just below the body of the fish. If it is observed that fish organs containing electricity are similar to human kidney patterns. This stored electricity serves as a tool against enemies and to paralyze prey.

This fish is rarely recognized because it can only be found on the sea floor. The color of this fish is similar to the ocean floor so it helps hide from predators.

3. Lionfish

The Lionfish if seen at a glance resembles small fish in general. But what makes it a deadly fish category is because it has poisonous thorns. This poisonous thorn made him have a little predator. Predators that eat it will soon die. This fish can be found in the Indo-Pacific Ocean, but you can also meet it in the Atlantic Ocean.

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