The sad story of Snowy, the dog they left to die frozen

Snowy was abandoned in the middle of a snowstorm by a soulless man, but he was fortunate enough to have a second chance

Animal abandonment remains one of the scourges of society not only in Spain but internationally.

Snowy, the puppy of the story that we bring you today, is the protagonist of another outrageous abandonment. His vile owner, not happy with leaving him lying down, did it in full snowstorm to die frozen …

Fortunately, the animal was lucky enough to meet the man in charge of a dog shelter that passed along the road where they abandoned him.

A chance that has saved his life. This man picked him up, took care of examining him, feeding him and helping him to warm up after a few moments when he seemed like he would die.

However, it was not like that. Nothing was happening to Snowy, he only had slight hypothermia and with the necessary care, he could have a second chance.


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