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Positions and Habits of the Dog as He Sleeps

The positions in which the dogs sleep, the way they move and the amount of time they spend taking a nap can be helpful in understanding their health and can give clues to our dog’s emotional state.

Always pay attention to where your dog sleeps most often. Your puppy’s favorite sleeping position may change depending on where he sleeps, with whom he is sleeping near him or if he feels any discomfort.

Injuries and pain can cause the sleeping position to change in our animals, so if you notice anything unusual about your puppy’s position, keep your eyes wide open and read this article to the end.

Dog Positions While Sleeping

1. On the Side:

A dog that sleeps on one side generally feels fairly safe and at ease because it leaves the vital organs exposed. Dogs that prefer this position tend to be rather relaxed, and can move to a different position if they are sleeping in a new place or near someone they are not familiar with.

This position also leaves their limbs free to move during sleep, so you may see slight spasms and kicks while the dog is lying on his side.

2. Huddled:

It is a fairly common position when dogs sleep. Dogs love to sleep curled up because it protects the vital organs, helps to conserve heat and facilitates them when they have to get up quickly.

This position limits movement during sleep, so you may see fewer spasms and involuntary movements. Some think that a dog that sleeps in this position may feel uncomfortable, but it is not necessarily true. It is a common position especially in the autumn and winter months when the weather is nice, or because it feels better in that position.

3. Belly:

it is called the “Superman” position and allows a dog to jump to his feet immediately. This position is very common in puppies that need to take frequent naps but want to be ready to jump and play in an instant.

Dogs that sleep in this position do not want to lose the chance to miss even a second of an action, even while they are sleeping. It is the preferred position for puppies or high-energy dogs that fall asleep during play.

With the legs in the air: sleeping with your stomach in the air and exposed helps the dog to cool off, in fact it is very common in the summer months. Since the hair around the belly is less dense and there are some sweat glands in the paws, exposing these areas to open air is a great way to dissipate heat.

It is a position that also indicates that the dog is very calm and at ease. A puppy sleeping in this position most likely is not afraid of the outside world

In contact with his master: The dog is tied to his master and wants to sleep with him. A dog that sleeps this way is very fond of its human friend and feels completely protected and at ease. Try to show your love by making him take a few naps together.

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