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Natural Appetite Stimulants for Dogs

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While most “wolf” dogs lower their food, there are people who are fussy and picky eaters. Some are just hard guards, it is difficult to maintain weight. Dogs that recover from disease may not have a lot of appetite, but need to eat to get strength. For those who don’t want to go the pharmaceutical route, natural appetite stimulants make Fido eat and stay healthy. If a dog with an appetite that is usually strong stops eating, ask your veterinarian to diagnose the problem.


Some dogs don’t like to eat alone. They may follow their owners or carers around rather than eat. Just keeping a dog company while eating can stimulate appetite. Cooking a dog’s daily food rather than eating while also helping fussy eaters.

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The art of ancient Chinese acupuncture is increasingly accepted in the world of conventional veterinary medicine, and among the many conditions that can help is a lack of appetite. Veterinary practitioners place acupuncture needles on the body parts of the dog that are suitable for the disease being treated. Small needles do not injure dogs, although the procedure may not be recommended for very nervous animals. Some sessions are generally needed to see the results.


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