Mom finds family pit bull dragging 7-month-old baby by her diaper after house goes up in flames

Masailah and the pit bull Sasha of her family were born a few days apart. They have a very special bond. They even sleep in the same bed and bathe together.

Now, that bond is even stronger after Sasha became a heroine.

During one night, Sasha was in the backyard when Latina Chai, the mother of Masailah, noticed that the dog began to behave strangely. “As soon as I opened the door, she came in and started barking.

At that time, a fire from a neighbor’s house was spreading to the house of the Chai family. Sasha had already headed to the back room of his house.

“I ran to the room and I see Sasha pulling the diaper baby, dragging her out of bed trying to get her safe,” explained the mother.

“Sasha was just thinking about little Ma Sha Allah.”

Finally, nobody was injured. The events occurred in Stockton, California.


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