Justice for Caitlyn the dog: Man who abused her is sentenced to 15 years in prison

This has been called the worst animal abuse ever seen. Caitlyn was found with a piece of tape stuck around her snout – and it was stuck so strong that the dog suffered very severe injuries.

But the dog could survive. And many committed themselves to move forward with their case.

The lawyer Ted Corvey obtained that his aggressor will be applied the maximum penalty.

15-month-old Caitlyn’s story became known around the world after she was found severely wounded on the porch of her former owner in North Charleston, United States.

The owner had recently sold it to a 41-year-old man for only $ 10. The man had only had Caitlyn a few days and mistreated her in such a way that she almost died.

Caitlyn fled the man and was found on the porch of his former owners. He had had the tape around his snout for 36-48 hours and was very injured.

The tape was so tight that the flow of blood to the tongue had stopped.

“This is the most brutal case of animal abuse I’ve seen throughout my career,” said Aldwin Roman of the animal organization in Charleston, when they took care of the dog.

Caitlyn was suffering and could not eat or drink. At first, it was not clear if the dog would survive because a large amount of dead tissue could produce possible deadly complications. They operated Caitlyn several times in order to save her tongue and snout.

Fortunately, everything ended well for Caitlyn and today it feels good. The dog has become a celebrity. It has been honored in People magazine for its history of survival in 2015.

The scars have not disappeared but he no longer feels pain. In addition, Caitlyn has been adopted by a wonderful family that gives her everything she needs.

But the story does not end here!

For two years, lawyer Ted Corvey has fought for justice for Caitlyn. He decided to get the maximum penalty for animal abuse, 15 years in prison, for his abuser.

In March of the year 2017, it finally achieved its purpose. The 41-year-old man was sentenced to the maximum penalty and will be imprisoned for 15 years for mistreating a dog.

– This has a clear message. Nobody can go unpunished in the face of such a fact, says Aldwin Roman of the animal organization of Charleston to  Post and Courier.

– We must do everything legally in our hands to put an end to this. And then we’ll see if we can harden the sentences.

I think it’s right that the man who did this receives such severe punishment!

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