Elephant waits for weeks for her best injured friend to return, now look at the moment they finally meet

We all love seeing an unusual animal couple that in one way or another has developed a deep and lasting friendship.

Many of these unusual couples have immediately become the sensation of the internet.

Apparently one of the most common pairs in the animal world is the dog and the elephant.

Although elephants usually weigh about 3,000 kilos or more, they somehow develop an impressive friendship with dogs that seem to adore them. Seeing them together makes us rejoice in joy.

Dogs are known to be very loving creatures that tend to show enthusiasm for socializing and elephants are known for their great intelligence. Similar to dogs, elephants enjoy socializing with a wide variety of animals and people. Although their sizes are totally different, their personalities are very similar, this makes it natural for them to get along.

There are many elephant sanctuaries around the world. These allow adult elephants to live their lives in a peaceful environment along with others of their species. A particular sanctuary in Tennessee has about 10 female elephants living there. Most of them have developed friendships with a special partner.

One elephant, in particular, named Tara, became the best friend of a little dog called Bella. These friends spend most of the day keeping each other company. They play in the sanctuary and travel their 730 hectares together.

Unfortunately, Bella suffered a back injury recently and, therefore, was receiving care in the treatment unit of the sanctuary, which led her to be away from her friend elephant for many weeks. Instead of touring the sanctuary as she usually did, Tara spent about 3 weeks waiting outside the treatment center for Bella to improve.

After those three weeks, Bella was successful from her injury and was able to play with her friend again!

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