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Important things to keep in mind before choosing a dry dog food

Dry Dog Food Ingredients to Avoid:

Undesirable ingredients to watch out for while scanning the product labels include the following:

  • Similar to us, dogs have a sweet tooth. While sweeteners like sucrose, corn syrup, and ammoniated glycyrrhizin are often added to lower-quality products to boost their appeal, dietary sugar may bring about or worsen diabetes and other health problems among dogs.


  • Artificial Flavors. Healthy fats and meats are already enough to give flavor to the dog food and entice him to eat.


  • Artificial colors. Your canine fellow does not care about food color anyway, and as such does not need constant exposure to undesirable coloring chemicals. Food with glycol, a chemical that keeps chewy foods moist is also to be avoided.


  • Artificial preservatives (i.e. ethoxyquin, BHT or BHA). Natural alternatives like rosemary extract, vitamin C, and compounds with vitamin E like tocopherols are more preferred. However, you must always check the expiration date on the label as they do not preserve dog foods as long as artificial ones do.


  • “Generic” fat source. The more generic a term is, the more suspicious you should be. If you notice an “animal fat” indicated on the label, this should raise a red flag as it may be just about anything, from recycled grease to an unwholesome dubious mix of different fats. A more desired ingredient would be “chicken fat” or “ beef fat”.


  • Meat by-products. According to research, processed and carefully stored ingredients tend to have a higher value than the lower-cost by-products. It is far better to find second-rate ingredients below the first five ingredients than these by-products whose quality is difficult to ascertain.

The kind of food you give your canine takes a vital function in his well-being. He needs a well-balanced diet with the key nutrients to keep him healthy, happy, and active. However, remember that not all dry dog food is created equal.

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