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Important things to keep in mind before choosing a dry dog food

If you are someone as crazy as me who spent a lot of time looking for the ‘perfect’ dry dog food that remains on my budget, then read on. While it’s a little frustrating to get started, there are just a few things to keep in mind in order to get a better knack of this complicated task.

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Dry Dog Food Must-Have Ingredients:

The hallmarks of a quality dry dog food product contain the following elements:

  • Unprocessed vegetables and whole grains, and other foods. Your dog will have the best survival chance with unprocessed food as vital vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and enzymes are kept intact during the food-making process.


  • The top two ingredients should include whole-meat: The most natural protein source for your canine companion is meat that contains essential amino acids. A balanced mix of meat protein sources helps boost the amino acid profile of the product.


  • Premium protein source: Make sure the product contains plenty of animal proteins, either a single source or whole fresh meat meal. Look for indication of “beef meal” or “chicken meal” on the label, and not “meat meal” or “poultry meal”. The latter are great examples of a dubious low-quality source of protein.

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