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Can the Dog Eat Pasta?

Most people tend to give our dogs food without knowing if it can be harmful to them. Our digestive system is very different from that of the dog, and it is a big mistake to give the animals human food without first checking.

Pasta looks like a fairly safe food, since it is made exclusively of flour, water and sometimes eggs. It does not contain many nutritional values, but there are studies that show how wheat pasta and long wheat noodles can provide vitamins, nutrients and fiber.

Given the low content of nutrients and high carbohydrate content, pasta is not a harmful food for the dog, but only if offered small portions and occasionally. So do not let it become a habit, but for your dog you prefer a more balanced and healthy diet.

Benefits of pasta for dogs

Small amounts of dough do not alter the dog’s digestive system. It provides glucose through the present carbohydrates, and therefore it is important to provide the energy required by the muscles and the brain. It does not contain cholesterol and has little sodium. Whole wheat pasta provides other essential nutrients such as vitamin B and iron, and regulates digestion.

It is able to improve stool consistency.

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