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After its owners abandoned it, this dog runs desperate after its owners

When you adopt a pet you must be very clear that not only enough to give all your love, but the responsibility that this implies. And it is simply that you will no longer be alone, now a small living being will depend on you and will require all the love and dignified treatment it deserves.

That is why when it comes to animal abuse, thousands of people rise up against it and raise their voices for those who can not speak, but have the same rights. As happened to this innocent puppy, which became news after its owners abandoned him on an interstate highway in Spain … and someone caught it.

The animal ran and tried to follow them for miles. Now the animal protectors are furious, and so far they have not been able to find the puppy, who is still hanging around the road waiting to find their owners.

These owners betrayed the love and trust of their pet

PROTEAN is a foundation dedicated to the development and social welfare of the Spanish community and has recently denounced citizens who abandoned the dog on the interstate highway, then fled in his car, while the animal tried to follow them for several kilometers.

A car that managed to see this recorded the video that already circulates on the network and tried to rescue it to take it to a pet shelter; However, they did not succeed because of the high speed with which this little dog ran, the only thing he wanted was to return home.

Two members of the PROTEAN Foundation went to the road where several witnesses said that the dog was still hovering; however, they were not successful, as they quickly lost track of him:

“We have taken several laps around the area and we have left him with water and food, so we hope to catch him tomorrow and take him to the Prodean facilities.”

Never abandon your pet in a cruel way!

“Hopefully some of the inhumane savages who abandon their pets, they will have to live an equal situation in their closest family environment, and perhaps this way they would be able to understand what an abandoned animal suffers for the human that it loves the most and in whom it trusts”.

These were some of the comments among hundreds of other users on Facebook who expressed their annoyance after watching the video, asking the government of Spain to implement laws that punish as “animal cruelty” people who abandon their pets in this way.


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