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A note attached to a Cat’s Collar will make you rethink letting your pet outside

The note has a strong message that the boyfriend of the owner of the cat was unable to resist the urgency to share it on the Reddit online forum. The letter went viral and has reached about 48,000 views as of this writing with hundreds commenting.

What’s Inside the Letter?

PawmyGosh identified the name of the cat to be Nala. Similar to other cats, Nala is quite adventurous and loves to roam her neighborhood in San Francisco before she returns home to her family at night.

She returned one night with a note revealing where she often goes:

The neighbors are not mad but are actually excited about Nala coming around. They just recently lost a two-decade-old feline companion and found Nala’s company a great comfort.

How wonderful these neighbors are and so thoughtful that they even exerted efforts to let the owners of Nala know where she was going most of the time.

Now, that you have read a beautiful story of animal kindness, deciding which is best for your cat – to keep them indoors or let them experience outdoor life – still rests on you.


  1. Interested in so many things I have seen so far, some very informative and useful, ,would love to see the one about dogs afraid of thunderstorms , fireworks, our dog goes wild from these noises, that she actually doesn’t seem to know what she is doing. Nor where she is at, has even tried to climb through things, like the wall, like me, like maybe trying so desperately to get away

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