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A note attached to a Cat’s Collar will make you rethink letting your pet outside

I’m a cat lover and enjoys reading a lot about them. But I also cry each time I read articles about guilt-ridden cat owners about the disgusting things that happened to their pets when they were allowed to go outside. Some simply disappeared, infected with diseases, attacked by predators, hit by cars or maltreated by cruel neighbors. As such, choosing to keep your pet inside or let them outdoors is usually an earth-shattering decision for new and even experienced pet owners.

Will you let your cat go outdoors?

Our homes provide a healthier and safer environment than life on the street – no one-on-ones with fast-moving cars, no hungry coyotes or aromatic skunks, no tangling with rabid raccoons, and no fleas and ticks unless your dog brings them in.

Yet, a lot of folks continue to allow their feline companions outdoors and let them have fun climbing trees, and hunting mice.

Cats are curious natural adventurers. They get quickly fascinated and intrigued by the numerous sounds, sights, tastes, smells, and textures they may face outside such as the play of light and shadow, insects, rodents, plants, birds, and many more.  Thus, if your feline friend waits longingly at the door and appears quite interested in going outside, then it’s probably worth considering the potential benefits of great outdoor life.

Such was the case for a lucky cat in San Francisco. While it can really be a huge worry to let her go out every day, her owner still allowed her to venture out. But one thing happened one day that significantly changed the way the owner think about humanity.

It was a usual ordinary day where the cat returned home hungry and meowed at her owner for a little cuddle, except that she has a letter attached to her collar.


  1. Interested in so many things I have seen so far, some very informative and useful, ,would love to see the one about dogs afraid of thunderstorms , fireworks, our dog goes wild from these noises, that she actually doesn’t seem to know what she is doing. Nor where she is at, has even tried to climb through things, like the wall, like me, like maybe trying so desperately to get away

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