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8 Dog Food Brands to Avoid – Recalled Brands

Picking the right dog food for your friendly canine is not as tough as you think. It only takes a little time and research to properly read a product label. In case, you are stuck with a busy life, however, you probably find it hard to learn important things such as your dog’s diet. An easier way perhaps is checking their recall history which somehow reflects the quality of their products. As such, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 dog food brands which have been affected by numerous recalls in the past.

What dog food brands were recalled in recent years?

1. Diamond (Schell & Kempeter)

Diamond Pet Food Company comes in three product lines –  Diamond Naturals Grain-Free, Diamond Naturals, and Diamond. It has a long list of recalls, a lot of which has to do with salmonella contamination concerns. A lot of these affected a batch of pet food or a single recipe, but many of them affected a wide range of products. Over a dozen variety of dog food products were, for instance, recalled in 2012.

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2. Hill’s Science Diet (Hill’s Pet Nutrition)

This brand, which is readily available in various veterinary offices and pet stores across the U.S., also offers formulated recipes for various health concerns. It has been recalled a lot of times in recent years. Melamine concerns prompted two recalls in 2007 while potential salmonella contamination caused another recall in 2014. In 2015, the company has voluntarily withdrawn its products due to labeling issues.

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3. Royal Canin (Royal Canin S.A.S)

Royal Canin which started in 1968 is today among the largest dog food brands in the U.S.  It comes with a variety of products classified under various product lines depending on breed size, life stage, health and lifestyle status. Concerns of melamine contamination, however, had prompted various recalls of its products in recent years. Just last February, the brand was recalled due to high vitamin D3 levels. Two recalls due to the same issue happened in 2007.

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4. Pedigree (Mars, Inc.)

This dog food brand comes with a wide range of products being marketed as “really good food”. Numerous recalls, however, affected the Pedigree brand in recent years. The most recent of which took place in 2014 when metal pieces were found present in the food. This followed a recall two years earlier involving reports of plastic fragments in the food.  Potential salmonella contamination also prompted recalls in several other cases.

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