5 Most Loved Endangered Animals in the World

3.  Whooping crane (Grus americana)

According to a first population survey conducted in 1938, there were just less than 30 whooping cranes left in the wild. The number of these endangered animals was almost halved three years after, blamed on the reduction of their wetland habitat and hunting. Yet now, more than 400 birds of this species exist, thanks to concerted efforts, like innovative breeding programs to save these remnant birds, which started during the late 1960s. Captive rearing and reintroduction have paved the way for the establishment of two wild populations in Florida.

Whooping crane (Grus americana)

4.  Tiger (Pantheratigris)

There are more or less 4,000 of these felines remaining in the wild. Extensive ranges of habitat supporting the megafloras constituting the bulk of the diets of the tigers hugely diminished during the past years, blamed on human encroachment, logging, and slash-and-burn agriculture.  The greatest threat to these animals is poaching, whether for body parts used in Asian medicine or trophies.   Organs of tigers, including penises and bones are superstitiously believed to possess magical healing powers. China, in 2014, made the consumption of these endangered animals, explicitly illegal.

Tiger (Pantheratigris)

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