5 Most Loved Endangered Animals in the World

We’ve come up a list of five of the most charming endangered animals with oozing star power that conservationists have mainly capitalized on to solicit funds for projects aimed at protecting them. As has been observed for many years, folks tend to donate money to preserve a mighty tiger and a huggable panda than they are to drop a few cents on saving the Gerlach’s cockroach or limbless worm skink.

What endangered animals drew most donations?

1.  Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) estimated that there are up to 50,000 Asian elephants across 13 countries. Yet, some experts said that the number is an overestimation considering that there are some regions that are inaccessible because of political volatility or the terrain and that some are inhabited by the lumbering pachyderms. More than half of the remaining population of these endangered animals are largely found in India. However, the growing human population in this country and anywhere else in Asia has brought conflicts for resources and space. Asian elephants are particularly poached for its skin, meat and ivory, this is despite having tusks that are much smaller than African species.

endangered animals

2.  Blue whale (Balaenopteramusculus)

Blue whales that thrive in all oceans are the largest animals in the world, yet there are just less than 25,000 of them remaining. The number is said to be almost 90% population reduction since the 20th century.  Fortunately, ultimate banning of commercial hunting of blue whales and their subspecies was announced in 1966. In 1988, a recovery plan was instituted by the National Marine Fisheries Service of the U.S.  So as to have a better understanding of the species, the government agency ordered database maintenance of the photos of individual specimens as well as the collection of migration and genetic data as they continue to be at risk from entanglement in fishing nets and ship collisions.

Blue whale (Balaenopteramusculus)

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