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13 Incredible Fun Facts About Animals You Probably don’t Know Yet

It’s tough to say what particular things about animals we like the most – their emotional reactions, their natural innocence, their lovely looks or their simple cuteness.  Yet, whatever it may be, one of these 13 fun facts about animals will surely make you smile.

What fun facts about animals do you know so far?

1.  Slow music induces cows to produce more milk

Researchers from the University of Leicester School of Psychology discovered that slow music played for cows make them produce 1.54 more pints daily than more upbeat tunes.

Fun Facts about animals

2.  Snow leopards can’t roar

Their vocal cords are less developed compared with their large cat counterparts. This means that they lack the ability to roar. They instead ‘chuff’ or make a purr-like sound.

Snow leopards can't roar

3.  Dogs got a lot more taste buds than cats

The man’s best friend can have more than 1,700 taste buds, while the feline may only have less than 500.

Dogs got a lot more taste buds than cats

4.  Cats only meow at humans and their mothers

They do not greet each other with a meow.  They only meow at their masters for cuddles and food.

Cats only meow at humans and their mothers

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