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10 The World’s Most Powerful Freshwater Fish

At the end of June 2018, the public warmly discussed the Arapaima gigas fish released by irresponsible parties in the Brantas River, Mojokerto, East Java.

This freshwater fish endemic to the Amazon River in South America, actually has been banned from entering the territory of Indonesia based on the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Regulation Number 41 of 2014. Why is this fish that can reach four meters long so feared by its presence?

Renny Kurnia Hadiaty, researcher in fish biology or biology from the Biology Research Center LIPI, in her written statement to the media explained that Arapaima gigas is very dangerous for Indonesian native fish because of its predatory nature. “The type named Pirarucu or red fish by the people around the Amazon not only prey on fish but also devour shrimp, frogs, and birds that fly around the surface of the water.”

Renny continued, the presence of Arapaima gigas is certain to be a competitor of the original fish that already exists. Not only in terms of food but also utilization of roaming space. “Its large size will definitely finish off the original aquatic animals in the waters it enters. Moreover, this type can adapt to even less ideal environments and reproductive capacity of up to 50 thousand in one conception, “he explained.

Haryono from the Biology Research Center LIPI added that in his home country Arapaima gigas had experienced overfishing. In fact, the Brazilian Government has issued a ban to arrest him since 2001. Even so, illegal arrests continue to occur so that the population is expected to decline.

“Arapaima gigas released on the Brantas River and in Indonesian freshwater waters must be captured entirely. “The socialization of regulations must be intensified so that the ornamental fishers, entrepreneurs, and keepers understand, until the sanctions must be given,” he explained.

Michael Risdianto from the Indonesian Wild Water, in his written statement regretted the release of invasive alien species which certainly harm local fish sources and our environment. “Predatory fish that can weigh up to 200 kilograms will damage the authenticity of the Brantas River waters ecosystem. For better Indonesian waters, let’s save local fish and maintain the existing springs, “he said.

Arapaima Gigas entered Appendix II in the list of Convention International Trade in Endangered (CITES). This means that this type has not yet experienced extinction, but trade must be monitored in order to maintain its sustainability.

Besides Arapaima, there are actually some types of deadly predatory freshwater fish. Mongabay Indonesia has collected 10 wildest freshwater fish from various sources that you should know.

1.Piranha (Pygocentrus nattereri)

This type has earned a reputation as a very dangerous freshwater fish, and is often featured in Hollywood thrillers. Piranha or piraña are the wildest freshwater fish and predators that live in rivers in South America. These fish are always looking for food in groups, devouring animals quickly as well as fish, snails, insects that perch on water, to river plants.

2.Electric eel (Electrophorus electricus)

Electric eels are actually a type of swordfish and are more closely related to catfish than real eels.

Electric eels breathe air from the surface to breathe. Thanks to a special internal organ, it can produce electric shocks greater than 500 volts. That’s enough to kill an adult human. This type only attacks humans if it is disturbed and tends to live in turbid and stagnant water.

These are the 10 Deadliest Fish In The World, Some Are Electrified

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