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10 Most Beautiful Fish in the World

Fish is one of the staple foods of humans and of course like other animals fish can also be one of your alternative pets at home, even some fish are believed to have the ability to bring good luck to your life.

There are reasons why some people prefer to keep fish than other pets such as dogs or cats. The reason for this is usually the beauty that these fish offer. Did you know that thousands of people in the world are willing to spend their money just to look after these beautiful fish? These fish are sometimes known as exotic fish names which require more attention in their maintenance and care. Here are the 10 most beautiful fish in the world.

1. Rainbow Parrot Fish

Maybe you have read about parrot fish in one of the articles in Tahupedia. White sand from the Caribbean coast is the result of this fish poop, this fish has a beak that is strong enough to eat coral, then the rest of the digestive results are released in the form of sand in the form of dirt.

This fish is included in one of the fish that is threatened because of overfishing to be used as ornamental fish and its habitat is decreasing due to damage to coral and coral reefs.

2. Coral beauty

If you want to keep ornamental fish, maybe this fish can be an alternative of your choice, this fish is relatively easy to maintain. You only need an aquarium with some coral or coral or algae plants. For this type of food these fish can be given fish eggs, frozen small shrimp, and dried seaweed.

The longest size ever recorded from this fish is 10 cm. For the color of the fish is usually in the form of bluish black on the head and fins. while for parts of the body sometimes purple, orange or pale yellow.

3. Moorish Idol

It is said that this fish has a moorish name from the Islamic Group in Africa, the Moors, who believe that anyone who manages to catch this fish will get happiness.

This fish has unique characteristics, the fins at the top of its body have a length that looks like a tail. This fish is popular as aquarium fish because of its dominant colors, namely black, white and yellow. However, the life span of this fish in the aquarium is relatively short and these fish are quite sensitive to water, so usually other species with similarities to this fish are used instead.

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