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10 Hybrid Animals That Really Exist

To produce one hybrid animal, two animals of different species are needed. If you succeed in crossing the two animals, then a hybrid animal or mixed animal is produced. This doesn’t happen naturally or in other words it needs human help to do it. You can see some animals that can be crossed below.

1. Blood Parrot Cichlid (Midas cichlid + Redhead cichlid)

This bright red little fish is a funny fish that turns out to be a hybrid alias mixed animal. This fish, called the Blood Parrot Cichild, was first made in Taiwan around 1986. Not too long right? Maybe you are wondering, what kind of fish can produce this Blood Parrot Cichild fish.

Blood Parrot Cichild fish is the result of marriage between cichlid Redhead fish or commonly called Red devil cichlid with Midas cichlid fish. When crossing these two different types of fish and producing new types of fish, several physical abnormalities appear in their mouths. Fish mouth Blood cichlid parrot is so small that it is difficult when you want to be fed.

2. Cama (Camel + Llama)

In Indonesia, you may still be familiar with llama animals. Llama are animals in the family camelidae which are native animals in the South American region. The use of animals is to transport goods. Included in the camelidae family, the most popular and most familiar are camels. What will happen if our camels cross with llamas?

The cross between camels and llamas produces animals called cama. Crossed from male camels with female llamas. Cama was first created by researchers in a laboratory in Dubai. The researchers hope, Cama has the strength of a camel but with a calmer temperament and thicker wool.

3. Savannah Cats (Ordinary Cats + Serval African)

Savannah Cats were introduced to the world in 2001. These cats are recognized as a new type of domestic cat by the International Cat Association. Of what type is this Savannah cat born? Apparently, the Savannah cat is a hybrid animal produced by crossing between domestic cats and Serval African wild cats.

Unlike the nature of cats in general, Savannah cats are actually very easy to socialize with humans and other animals. Therefore, many people compare Savannah cats with dogs. The result of crossing a domestic cat with a Serval African cat produces a Saavannah cat that has a very slim body, a reliable jumper, and is tall.

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