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10 Fun and Unique Animal Cafes from Various Countries in the World

8. Harry Hedgehog Cafe, Tokyo

Hedgehogs or mini hedgehogs are starting to become increasingly popular in Indonesia. This cute little animal is starting to be considered as one of the pet solutions besides cats and dogs. Now, seeing the hedgehog’s high popularity, an animal cafe was created that made the hedgehog the mascot.

The animal cafe in question is a cafe in Japan called Harry Hedgehog Cafe. This cafe makes the hedgehog as an entertaining animal in the cafe. Harry Hedgehog Cafe is located in Roppongi, you can go there directly or make a reservation online. There are special hedgehog food in the form of worms so that you can easily get their attention.

9. Owl Cafe & Bar Owl Village, Shibuya

Owl Cafe? Strange, that’s what some people think first heard of an owl cafe. But it’s still curious as to what the owl cafe’s contents are. If you have the opportunity to go to Japan, precisely in Harajuku, Shibuya, there is an owl cafe that you can visit.

The owl cafe is called Owl Cafe & Bar Owl Village or Fukuro no Sato Harajuku. A few tips, if you are interested there, it’s good to make a reservation in advance because of limited space. It only takes about 1 minute walk from Harajuku station. Visiting the owl cafe, of course, there are rules that you must obey so that you can enjoy and the birds are comfortable.

10. Cat’s Store, Tokyo

When talking about cat cafes, there are many cat cafes in the world. In Japan alone, there are already dozens of hundreds of cat cafes scattered in various regions. Of the many cat cafes in Japan, there is only one cafe that became the first cat cafe to appear in Japan.

Named the Cat’s Store or Neko No Mise, located in Machida, Tokyo. The first cat cafe in Japan that was opened to the public in 2005. The fee charged if you want to spend time there is 150 Yen per 10 minutes. There is a choice of 2 hours at a cost of 1,500 Yen, and 3 hours 1,800 Yen. Besides cats, you can also read manga in the cafe.

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  1. Why do the Chinese and the Japanese people feel the need to commercialize animals? If it’s not exploiting them it’s stripping their fur off them whilst still alive until they die of huge amounts of shock to their systems. So whilst l love most things animal related l personally Detest those peoples who abuse or hurt Any animals even if they’re not the warm and fuzzy kind.

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