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10 Fun and Unique Animal Cafes from Various Countries in the World

4. Café Two’s and Four’s, Pune

India, a country that was once underestimated, is now showing more teeth. A little intro about India, advances in technology and military power in India are increasingly advanced. Even they can create their own nuclear weapons, making their military power very frightening. But, you are on vacation to India not to see the nuclear weapons right?

India is also the same as any country in the world affected by animal cafe viruses. In one of its cities, Pune, there is a dog-themed animal cafe that you can visit. The dog cafe is named Two’s and Four’s Cafe. You can play and feed the dogs in the cafe. Want to look different, the cafe can provide providers of birthday parties for your beloved dog.

5. Reptiles Cafe Rock Star, Osaka

It’s quite rare to find a cafe that provides reptile animals as our friends to eat and drink. Fortunately, in Japan, precisely in Osaka, there is one cafe that can satisfy reptile lovers. The cafe is the Rock Star Cafe Reptiles, a cafe providing various types of reptile animals for interaction.

Like most animal cafes, you can order food and drinks. While waiting for food and drinks to arrive, we are welcome to interact with a number of reptiles in the cafe. Cafe Rock Star reptiles provide reptiles such as iguanas, snakes, chameleons, turtles and hedgehogs. You can also make tattoos in this cafe, but you need to make an appointment.

6. Thanks Nature Cafe, Seoul

Cat cafes, dog cafes, hedgehog cafes, reptile cafes, there are more cafes that can amaze you, namely Thanks Nature Cafe. A cafe in the capital of South Korea is different from other animal cafes in the world. They provide sheep as their mascot.

So, actually Thanks Nature Cafe is a sheep cafe. There, you can sit and enjoy food waffles and drinks, while accompanied by sheep. Thanks Nature Cafe promotes themselves through fanpage on Facebook. They already have enough fans. No need to worry, sheep at Thanks Nature Cafe are very friendly to small children and healthy.

7. Meow Parlor, New York

The funny nature of cats makes people like this animal. Almost all over the world there are many cafes or places that allow people to interact with cats. Feed or play with cats, that’s what cat-themed animal cafes provide.

In New York, America, there is a cafe that provides cats as a magnet for tourists, local or foreign. The cafe is Meow Parlor. Meow Parlor Cafe is in the Chinatown area of ​​New York, this place is famous as one of the cleanest cat cafes in America. Interested in visiting it? There are special hours where you can visit Meow Parlor with family.

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  1. Why do the Chinese and the Japanese people feel the need to commercialize animals? If it’s not exploiting them it’s stripping their fur off them whilst still alive until they die of huge amounts of shock to their systems. So whilst l love most things animal related l personally Detest those peoples who abuse or hurt Any animals even if they’re not the warm and fuzzy kind.

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