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10 Fun and Unique Animal Cafes from Various Countries in the World

The animal or animal cafe business is currently popular. When people are getting bored with such a cafe, a new breakthrough comes with animal cafes. At the animal cafe, we can still eat and drink, it’s just that we are now accompanied by animals. Just say cats, dogs, and a number of other cute animals. In the world, animal cafes are one of the mandatory vacation destinations to visit.

1. Cafe Little Zoo, Chiba

Too many dog ​​or cat cafes must bring a little boredom. Isn’t there an animal cafe that displays unique animals? Or for those of you who want to be confused about what animal they want when they are eating and drinking, Little Zoo Cafe can be the cafe of your choice. Why? Because this cafe provides various types of animals to be invited to play.

Located on the outskirts of Chiba, Little Zoo Cafe has a large collection of animals. Among them are snakes, owls, turtles, frogs and eagles. It’s like a mini zoo right? All animals at Little Zoo Cafe can you interact with. If you are hungry, a number of delicious foods are also provided.

2. Funny Creatures Forest, Kobe

It’s not fun when animal cafes display animals that we are used to seeing. Cat cafes and dog cafes are already mushrooming in the world, even in Japan there are already hundreds of cat and dog cafes. Want to be different, a cafe in the Kobe area will make you feel a sensation like in the forest,

Let’s discuss a unique animal cafe called Funny Creatures Forest. Funny Creatures Forest is a unique animal cafe in the Kobe area that provides a variety of unique animals found in the wild. You can play with animals such as turtles, iguanas and snakes, you can play in the Funny Creatures Forest cafe.

3. Caturday Cat Cafe, Bangkok

Thailand, which is one of the countries in Asia, is a country that has a very attractive tourism, making this country always flooded with tourists. There are many interesting places that you can visit in Thailand. For those of you who are animal lovers, it’s a good idea to stop for a while in the city of Bangkok, because there is a cafe that lets guests play with cats.

Caturday Cat Cafe the name of the cafe cat in question. This cat cafe is designed to pamper cats and guests. Caturday Cat Cafe has 40 collections of cats that you can play with. You can also enjoy the recommended food at the cafe, Rainbow Crepe Cake. Make sure the day you arrive, because according to the info, Caturday Cat Cafe is closed on Mondays.

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  1. Why do the Chinese and the Japanese people feel the need to commercialize animals? If it’s not exploiting them it’s stripping their fur off them whilst still alive until they die of huge amounts of shock to their systems. So whilst l love most things animal related l personally Detest those peoples who abuse or hurt Any animals even if they’re not the warm and fuzzy kind.

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